Summer Flowers

The English countryside is my favourite place to be. The aged cottages and wild hedgerows are fantastic subjects, and the occasional neighbour or farmer who comes across me painting in the lanes always stops for a friendly hello. I tried something different with this painting, trying to put all the abundance of the summer countryside on the page. I used watercolour, and over-layed different flowers and foliage from the area to build into a full-bloom with some accents of poppies, dog roses, and forget-me-nots.

To test it, I had the design printed on some linen, and found I loved it even more. Now I can have the bright floral of a hot summer with me in the house on throw cushions, napkins and bunting. I like the pattern indoors, bringing out outside in, and loved it for a birthday picnic, and in the nursery.


Published by Kate Jones

Illustrator, writer, Beatrix Potter wanna-be.

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